Elo boosting is completely legal in EVERY single country in the world, but South Korea. You can get punished by it and most elo boosting companies like elosprint are no different than your grocery shop.

First of all, Riot can’t determine if something is legal or not that is something that countries do, not private companies. A question that a lot of people might want to ask is: “Is elo boosting against Riots Terms of Service and can I get punished or banned for it?”

If you read Riots Terms of Service you will find out that it is very outdated and that they don’t mention elo boosting there even once. The only thing that you can get punished for is account sharing. During solo boosting you hare your account so you could get punished for it, but duo boosting is completely safe because you never share your account.

We are using VPN to provide your safety and that’s why we never noticed that our client was banned.

We make sure that your account won’t get stolen!

It is not possible to steal accounts since every account has a specific email associated to it, that only the owner has access to, so your account is always recoverable. Regardless, we also take extreme care to ensure that your information is kept secure.

Can I get banned?

There have been always a small chance and risk of getting banned. However, keep that in mind, but even if that happens we will provide you with relevant information to unlock your account.

So far our ban ratio is 0%!

Remember: You cannot get banned for using Duo Boosting services.

There is always an option to request a refund.

If you want to request a refund, please contact us directly on our live chat widget on the website or discord.

For more information visit FAQ.

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