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FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Elosprint own a private Discord server?

Yes, we own a private server dedicated to our clients only. Link:

How can I Pay?

You can pay by Paypal, Credit card, Skrill, Bitcoins or Paysafecard

Can i get banned?

There is a very small chance to get banned, but so far our ban ratio is 0%!

What is Elo boosting?

Elo Boosting / MMR Boosting is a virtual service based on helping customers to get higher divisions in a game called  League of Legends. The service is performed by people that have a lot of knowledge and experience in the game. Those people are called boosters. The service is based on reaching the desired division/rank that the customer paid to reach.

What is the difference between Division and Duo Boosting?

Division Boosting means that the customer provides the information of his account (username and password) and then a high skilled booster will play on his account until reaching the desired division/rank that the customer paid to get.


Duo Boosting means that the customer will play with our booster, not being necessary to share their account information with the booster. The Customer will play on his own account and our assigned booster will play with him until the customer gets into his desired division/rank.

Can i request a VPN, offline mode, stream, and specify a Flash key?

Yes to all of those, before you make an order you can choose the extras

Can i schedule a boost?

Yes, after we get in touch you can specify the day or time of the boost.

Can I play on the account before the boost ends?

If you ask a booster and he’ll confirm that he’s not logged in, then it’s fine. Of course, you should not play ranked games because it would affect current progress.

What is Boost fails?

Even if this doesn’t happen much, there is always possibility that that could happen. After all, we are only humans. We have a policy of full refund if the boost fails and if your accounts end on the lower spot than it was before the boost, we’ll give you extra money!

How fast I will get a refund if I cancel the boost?

In a matter of hours

Can i change a booster?

Yes, if you don’t like a booster’s performance, we will change a booster for you.

How fast are Elosprint services?

We provide an average of 1-2 divisions per day.

What if I want to make my boost start immediately or be finished ASAP?

You can buy an Extra called “High priority”. That will result that we start quickly after you purchase the boost and finish it as fast as possible.